To Plan Or Not To Plan Yourself?… This Is The Question!

/ November 13, 2020

Frequently asked Questions Answered by A Wedding Planner in Suffolk.

To plan or not to plan yourself… this is the question!

In my job as a celebrant in Suffolk I meet lots of couples at the beginning of their wedding planning and the majority are at a loss of where to actually start! Some couples opt for planning the whole thing themselves for reasons such as, budget, and control. Many think that hiring a wedding planner will take away the control of what they want their day to be and have a fear that the costs will spiral out of control, and almost all regret their decision when things become overwhelming and stressful.

I am going to introduce you to the lovely Jodie Barden, the lady behind Ella Bella Weddings & Events. Having worked alongside Jodie and seeing first hand how professional and organised she is I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my couples seeking help to plan their wedding day, her eye for detail, style and her ability to bring everything together effortlessly is second to none, so without further ado lets answer some of the questions on every couples lips!

Always smiling!

Hi Jodie, can you explain your role as a wedding and events planner.

Hi Sylvia and thank you for having me!

I am an unconventional planner, which means I plan fun and unique weddings and parties throughout Essex & Suffolk.

I am for anyone that wants to step away from tradition and have a day that truly represents them.

How does a wedding planner work?

So as a wedding planner I will normally come in at the start of the couples planning journey, when they realise just how much work and time needs to go into planning their special day. From keeping within budget, finding the venue, sourcing their ideal suppliers, the timeline and being there on the day. I take care of all the big and little details that they just don’t have time to do, leaving them to sit back and enjoy the planning process, whilst still being in control. I have a team of suppliers behind me that I know and trust, so the couple can have peace of mind throughout. I will work alongside you from the minute I am hired all the way up to and beyond the wedding day itself.

It’s the little touches that make a difference.

What are the benefits to hiring a planner?

When you hire a wedding planner we do all the legwork for you; we spend hours researching the best and most appropriate shortlists of venues and suppliers within your budget saving you so much time.

Not only are you saving yourself time; you will also save money in the long run. Yes having a wedding planner is an investment, but it is one well spent. Here at Ella Bellas I do not take any commission, any money saved will go straight back into your budget.

You will be working with a professional who can offer tips and advice all the way through, all planners will have done some sort of training and planned a wedding or two.

You will have someone who will never tire of hearing about your wedding! We eat, sleep and dream weddings.

Perfecting every last detail!

Can venues provide a planner that will do the same as you?

Some venues do have a wedding co-coordinator that is included in the package you choose for the venue hire. They do a fantastic job within the venue, however wedding planner’s work solely for you not the venue, so our jobs are very different.

How much would you expect to pay for a planner?

Most planners charge between 10%-12% of your wedding budget with a minimum fee of around £3500.

Lastly, how would I hire you as a planner, what is the process?

When you first start looking for a wedding planner you will soon get a feel for them on their website or on their socials. The next step is to meet them, make sure you click and that their values match yours and that they can understand your vision for your wedding day. Your wedding planner will become your BFF throughout planning so you need to connect with that person. If I am that wedding planner, in our consultation we will work out exactly what you want from the wedding and what I can do for you, I can do as much or as little as you need. Once a contract is signed and deposit paid, I get to work finding you the perfect venue and suppliers.

Finishing Touches.

As an independent wedding celebrant helping couples realise their dream day with no restrictions on time, place or style, generic run of the mill weddings are becoming a thing of the past and the popularity of more unconventional weddings are on the rise, so to find a planner who will go above and beyond to help make that happen is a rare thing!

Heartfelt thanks to Jodie for taking time out to answer these questions, and a big thank you to you for reading this. For more information click on the links and both Jodie and I will be happy to help.

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