Lets talk about SEX!

/ April 29, 2020

Lets talk about SEX!

Now that I have your attention let’s talk about same sex marriage, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Pansexual or any other identity that you relate to…..to me it doesn’t make one iota of a difference, to me LOVE IS LOVE !

Celebrants have been “marrying ” couples from all these recognised identities for many years now, and although before 2014 there was no legal aspect to it, it was no less important or meaningful, not just for the couple but for the sexual orientation or gender identification they are representing.

The Legal Bit

Since 2004 anyone can have a civil partnership ceremony, which is a legally recognised relationship between two people and unlike a marriage the civil partnership is formed by signing the civil partnership document, whereas a marriage is formed by vows. You must give notice of your intentions at least 28 days before your ceremony can take place.

Same sex marriage became legal in the UK in 2014 and it allows same sex couples to marry in civil ceremonies, convert their partnership to a marriage, marry in religious ceremonies where the religious organisation has ‘opted in’ to conduct such ceremonies and it enables individuals to change their legal gender without having to end their marriage.

The Celebration!

With a celebrant you can have the whole shebang! You can have the wedding of your dreams, whether that’s a great big lavish pull out all the stops pride carnival type of event, or a more low key intimate celebration there really are no limits or restrictions.

You can make your grand entrance and walk or dance down the isle as the king(s) queen(s) or princess(s) that you are and your vows, readings and service can be as moving, as humorous or as deep and meaningful as you desire…the day is all about YOU!

So come on…what are you waiting for? Get in touch, lets chat and turn your dreams into reality…. I cant wait to tell your love story x

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